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Kate Biss
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Kate Biss

BSc(Hons) Speech Sciences (UCL 1996) MRCSLT MASLTIP HCPCreg

Welcome to my website. My name is Kate and I work as an Independent Speech and Language Therapist in the Scottish Highlands.

Speech, language and communication difficulties impact on every aspect of our daily lives, communication is something we take for granted. Most of us have no difficulty expressing our opinions and understanding what is going on around us, however there are individuals who struggle. This is where a speech and language therapist can help.

Communication is key to children's development and learning. I offer assessment and therapy to children of all ages along with support to their families.

I also offer services to adults with stroke and other conditions; providing assessment and therapy, to enable individuals to communicate to the best of their ability and get the most out of life.

As an independent therapist I can offer a personalised approach and therapy tailored to your specific needs. Therapy can take place in any suitable venue, this may be your own home, a clinic, your child's educational environment or a nursing home.

I also offer intensive blocks of therapy on the West Coast of Scotland. Our family has a cosy chalet for let. Why not combine a holiday with speech therapy designed for you?

Are you concerned about someone who is having difficulties? Please contact me to talk things through.

Kate Biss - Member of the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice Kate Biss - Member of Health and Care Professions Council Kate Biss - Member of the Royal College of Speech and language therapists