Kate Biss - Speech and language therapist

Kate Biss
Near Kyle
IV53 8UW

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Fees, Terms and Conditions

Our chalet is available for rent

Informal discussion
This is an opportunity to discuss your specific needs and describe the service available. (No fee but travel expenses will be charged).

Initial consultation £90
An initial assessment lasts up to one hour and includes a short report. In more complex cases additional time may be required and will be charged at £70 per hour.

Standard consultation £70
A consultation/therapy session lasts up to one hour. The length of session depends on the age of the client, the nature of the disorder and other variables. The consultation may include time spent with the client, their families or other professionals involved.

Intensive Therapy
Blocks of intensive therapy can be provided and tailored to your needs. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements. Why not consider combining a holiday with a week of intensive therapy?

Group Therapy
Therapy is available for groups of children or adults with similar conditions. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements.

The therapy room

School Provision
A service can be offered for individual children, a whole school contract or a specific piece of work. In-service training sessions are also available. Please contact me to discuss.

Letters, reports and treatment programmes
£70 (per hour)

Charges are based on the total preparation time.

SKYPE/tele-therapy consultation
£40 Session lasts for 30 minutes.

Travelling charges
Clinics are located on the East or West coast and incur no travel charge.

Travel to home visits or related visits out side of a 20 mile radius of IV53 8UW will be charged at the standard Inland Revenue rate of 45 pence per mile.

Cancellation policy
Appointments cancelled at less than 24 hours notice will incur the full session fee (not including travel costs).
Clients are free to withdraw from treatment at any time respecting the above cancellation policy.

Fees should be payed in full at the time of the appointment.
Fees for reports should be paid for upon receipt.

Other services

  • School visits may be made on request, only with parental agreement. These will be charged at a standard consultation rate, plus travel.
  • Referrals to other services and professionals may be indicated. Discussion with clients and families will take place prior to any outside referral.
  • Workshops, talks and training sessions are available for groups of parents and professionals and can be tailored to specific areas of interest.

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.