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Kate Biss
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What is a Speech and Language Therapist?

A Speech and Language Therapist works with individuals who have difficulties communicating. This includes problems with comprehension (understanding what is said), expressive language (talking) and using communication to socialise appropriately. A Speech and Language Therapist also supports parents and families and works closely with other professionals.

Who do I see?

Speech therapy techniques

Children with:

  •   Speech sound delay (phonological delay)
  •   Articulation difficulties (difficulties pronouncing sounds)
  •   Speech sound disorders (phonological disorder)
  •   Language delay
  •   Language disorders
  •   Attention and listening difficulties
  •   Early years language development
  •   Dyspraxia
  •   Stammering (dysfluency)
  •   Hearing impairment
  •   Learning difficulties and developmental delay
  •   Social communication difficulties and autism

Working with the elderly

Adults with speech and language difficulties arising from:

  •   Stroke
  •   Aphasia, dysarthria, dyspraxia,
  •   Comprehension difficulties, reading and writing difficulties
  •   Progressive neurological conditions, parkinson's disease,        motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis.
  •   Acquired brain injury
  •   Dementia

What are my services?

  •   Individually tailored therapy.
  •   Intensive blocks of therapy.
  •   Assessment of speech language and communication skills.
  •   Comprehensive reports.
  •   Second opinions.
  •   Programmes of work for schools/at home.
  •   Reviews to monitor progress.
  •   Supporting children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) in education.
  •   Providing training and support to schools and other settings.

I work closely with other speech and language therapists in the Independent sector and the NHS. In some cases we both work with the same clients either on different aspects of speech and language, or in blocks of therapy at different times. 'Working in Harmony' with other therapists and professionals is an essential part of my practice.