Informal discussion by email or phone:

No fee.

Informal discussion includes: discussion about the patient’s speech, language and communication difficulties. A brief description of the services available and whether they meet the needs of the patient and their family. No therapeutic advice or management strategies are offered.


Initial Assessment Appointment:


An initial assessment lasts up to one hour and includes a short report.

In more complex cases additional time may be required and will be charged at £75 per hour.

The consultation may include time spent with the Patient, their families or other professionals that are involved in the patient's care. Fees include administration, preparation time, time taken analysing data and information. (approx 2-3 hours).


Therapy Appointment and Zoom Tele-therapy appointment:

£79 per hour. £44 per half hour.

Fees include time taken preparing therapeutic plans and materials, administration,  analysing data, (approx 2 hours).

The number of therapy Appointments will be discussed and agreed with the client.  Therapy appointments are usually offered in blocks of 10, carried out within a period of 3-4 months.


Letters, reports and treatment programmes:

£79 per hour.


Travel Costs:

Travel Costs comprises Mileage costs and Travel Time costs. Mileage is calculated using Google Maps and associated costs will be charged at the standard Inland Revenue rate of 45p per mile.

Travel Time: the time taken, in minutes, for the Therapist to travel from her address to the place where therapy is delivered. This is charged pro rata at £37 per 60 minutes.

Travel Costs will be charged in advance and must be paid in conjunction with the Appointment Fees.


Clinical Therapy space in other locations:

Fixed fee as per Appointment.

This must be paid in conjunction with the Therapy Fees.


Visits to other establishments e.g. educational setting, residential home:

£79 per hour.

Visits may be carried out following permission from patients (where possible), relevant family members or staff (as applicable).


Training services:

£160 per hour (includes preparation and materials).



Latest News

Wednesday, January 3rd 2024

Aphasia and online Speech Therapy

"I had a stroke in January 2023, which left me with moderate Aphasia. My wife contacted Kate, and she agreed to take me as a patient with online Speech Therapy sessions. Over the past four months, Kate has improved my speech and writing immeasurably. She has been patient, kind and good-hu... Full Story...

Thursday, September 16th 2021

Neve's Story

Our Daughter, Neve has a chromosome deletion which resulted in her having Severe Oral Dyspraxia and Autism. When we first engaged Kate Neve had virtually no verbal speech, in fact we were told by another speech therapist it was unlikely she would ever talk. Through working with Kate, who ... Full Story...
Kate Biss has been an invaluable source of professional support to me. She has skilfully provided supervision remotely for a number of years. This has been an innovative way of working for me and has inspired me to start working remotely too. Her calm, knowledgeable approach to supervision has been highly enabling and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any other SLT’s considering using Kate.
Caroline Ayres SLT