Aphasia and online Speech Therapy

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"I had a stroke in January 2023, which left me with moderate Aphasia. My wife contacted Kate, and she agreed to take me as a patient with online Speech Therapy sessions.

Over the past four months, Kate has improved my speech and writing immeasurably. She has been patient, kind and good-humored throughout my time. Kate is extremely knowledgeable and creates a positive environment in every session, giving me a challenging yet enjoyable experience. 

Outside the sessions, Kate managed the React2 (an Apasia application) for my tasks, which gave me measurable improvement every week.

Kate has been a tremendous and valuable Speech Therapist, who has given me the confidence to confront the problems from Aphasia. I thank her from my heart for being a coach, mentor and friend.

Keith Edmunds, Dundee, June 2023"

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