Neve's Story

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Our Daughter, Neve has a chromosome deletion which resulted in her having Severe Oral Dyspraxia and Autism.

When we first engaged Kate Neve had virtually no verbal speech, in fact we were told by another speech therapist it was unlikely she would ever talk.

Through working with Kate, who has painstakingly built up a great rapport with our daughter, she is now able to talk in sentences.

For us this is a long term process a fact we were well aware of from the beginning.

We cannot express our appreciation of Kate and the difference she has made to all our lives. A lot. Neve’s frustration has gone now she has the ability to verbalise and communicate and her confidence grows with every session.  Our daughter has so much fun playing games that she forgets how hard she is working and she adores Kate.

We would highly recommend Kate to anyone who is dealing with speech difficulties it will make such a difference.

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