'Speech Therapy in lockdown'.

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A message from a family receiving therapy under lockdown.  What a lovely way to start June.

Dear Kate

We only updated the social communication sheet yesterday and are amazed by the amount of progress our son has made since February. We are thrilled with the changes - not just the new communication but the improvements in consistency. 

Thank you. That seems so inadequate to express our deep gratitude. We would never be making these steps without your skills and encouragement.

B ’s life, and ours, is better with these new ways of communicating. B is beginning to see a point to communication which is just huge.

The other thing I should say is that FaceTime works amazingly well - much better than I would have believed possible for a therapy session. B misses face to face contact but he’s certainly not missing out. He’s very lucky to have you.

Have a lovely week.

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The session are a good mix of games which are fun and structured. My daughter is not aware of working! The session plan is easy to understand and the notes re-assure me. It’s really good to get feedback and see how well my daughter is making progress.
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