Social communication, Hanen and virtual Speech Therapy

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We’ve come such a long way since we started therapy with you. We are incredibly lucky to have your support and professional expertise.”

“Immediately after our call, C tried out the puppets and then put the puppets on me so he could feed them. Just not for the camera, oh well! All these really positive changes are only happening because of the work you have done with us over the last year - we cannot effectively express how much this means to all of us. In Star Trek terms (sorry!) you are helping us to build a universal translator for C to interpret the world on his wiring terms and this is an incredible achievement.

A year ago I was approached by a family who had concerns about their son's communication development.  Two months into our therapy we moved online, little did we realise the length of time we would be working in this way......  Online therapy commenced in March, working through his parents to develop social communication using the Hanen 'More Than Words' programme and developing a Picture Exchange Communication system' (PECS).

Through the dedication of his parents, this cheeky 5 year old has made amazing progress; enjoying and sharing information and having lots of fun communicating.  Great work and thankyou for your dedication.


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