Training & Consulting

What I offer:

Practical and collaborative training workshops, personalised to meet the needs of your team. Helping you to effectively support individuals with speech, language and communication needs.

Person-centred training focussed on the the specific needs of an individual. Helping clients to communicate effectively and become an active part of your organisation.

Fun, active workshops with a focus on communication skills, developing confidence in speaking, listening and communicating effectively.

Bespoke training aimed at specific areas identified by your organisation.

To whom?

  • Nursery, pre-school and Schools.
  • Independent Schools. Find out more…
  • Parents, families and carers
  • Day and residential care settings.
  • Adults, families and carers.
  • Community groups.
  • Charities and voluntary organisations.
  • Speech and Language Therapists  (Clinical Supervision, Coaching)

Range of workshops:

  • Attention, listening and language groups for pre-school children. 
  • Baby signing group for parents and families.
  • Hanen approaches for language development (individual families or groups).
  • Early years training: developing early communication, listening and talking.
  • Speech and associated literacy difficulties in the school setting.
  • Supporting children with language delay/disorder.
  • Supporting children with social communication difficulties and Autism.
  • Hanen approaches with Autism.
  • Visual timetables.
  • Objects of reference and using symbols.
  • Choice making and requesting.
  • Developing Communication Passports.
  • Creating a supportive classroom environment for individuals with Autism.
  • Communication challenges and how to find a way through them.
  • Using a Total Communication approach in your setting.
  • Creating a supportive environment for individuals with speech, language and communication needs.

Bespoke training - how does it work?

  • An Initial discussion of skills and training needs within your team.
  • Observation of clients and staff within your setting.
  • Recording video footage (with consent) to provide real life examples to use in training.
  • Flexible, interactive and fun training sessions to meet the needs of your team.
  • Follow-up sessions for questions, problem solving and coaching.
  • A cost-effective package providing specific support for your team and setting.
  • Face-to-face or online training is available.

Other services:

  • Clinical Supervision.
  • Coaching
  • Solution Focussed Brief Therapy



How can I help?

If I can help you, or someone you care for, please get in touch for an informal chat.

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"It's about cutting shapes in the grass, not just mowing the lawn"

Ian Duffy is an inspirational man whose life-making formulae is: motivation + skill = meaningfulness. Ian has aphasia, a language difficulty which occurred after a stroke. He uses creativity as a means of expression, to inspire curiosity, inject inspiration and as a fert... Full Story...
The session are a good mix of games which are fun and structured. My daughter is not aware of working! The session plan is easy to understand and the notes re-assure me. It’s really good to get feedback and see how well my daughter is making progress.
Parents of child living in the Middle East