Hi Kate 

We found this hard, only because words cannot express how highly we hold you and the service you provide!  We are so grateful to you and finding you was the best thing we have done for our daughter you are making a real difference to her. Thank you seems inadequate.


Testimonial for Kate Biss

Our child suffers from severe Speech Dyspraxia a complex and long standing speech problem. We have engaged and worked alongside Kate Biss for over a year. We have found the service provided to be extremely professional.

After each session we receive a summary of the session and plan for the weeks work.  More importantly, our daughter enjoys the sessions; as Kate makes them fun, they do not feel like the hard work they are for her.

We would not hesitate to recommend the service 100 per cent. The difference this has made to our daughter's speech is huge and improving every week.

For us this will be a long journey but we now have real hope - priceless. 



Kate’s notes:

When we started therapy, Emma was very shy and reluctant to speak.  We spent a lot of time playing games with sounds and words, building up her confidence.

Emma’s parents recorded her speech at home so that I could hear what Emma was able to say.  We used these sounds and words as building blocks to construct new words.

At the moment, we have a weekly 45min appointment.  Some are face to face in clinic and others are by Skype.

Our focus is on putting together sentences and practicing these in real life.  We are developing new sounds which Emma finds difficult.  Emma also has her own list of priority words to work on e.g. x-box and her friends names.

Emma is a pleasure to work with and her family show great commitment to practicing between sessions.  Without this, she would not have made such great progress.

Emma's parents
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