I have lived in France for 17 years, and at the age of 82 I suffered a stroke which left me unable to speak. The French medical care is excellent but I was unable to find a Speech Therapist in this area who could speak English.

After a year my speech had hardly returned but I then had the good fortune to be given Kate Biss's name, and I could consult her via Skype.

Since then, 7 months ago, my speech has improved considerably and I feel that I will recover almost completely in due course.

I find Kate sympathetic, good company and demanding of effort on my part - which is good. I feel that if I had known about Kate in the beginning, my recovery by now would be virtually complete.

I have no hesitation in strongly recommending her services.


Amanda, France
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Friday, June 5th 2020

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Monday, February 24th 2020

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...words cannot express how highly we hold you and the service you provide! We are so grateful to you and finding you was the best thing we have done for our daughter you are making a real difference to her. Thank you seems inadequate.
Emma's parents