3 year old child with delayed speech sound development.  Living in the Middle East and receiving therapy through Skype:

Mum’s thoughts:

I never thought it would work but I was very hopeful.  The session are a good mix of games which are fun and structured.  My daughter is not aware of working!

I am given clear instructions on the session plan and I get organised ahead of time.  The session plan is easy to understand and the notes re-assure me.  It’s really good to get feedback and see how well my daughter is making progress.

What are the benefits of Speech Therapy by Skype?

Mum’s answers:

“It fits easily into the day around school.”

“We have no travel!”

“It doesn’t affect my other children, they are very busy!”

“We had continuity of therapy and our therapist when we moved house and country.”

“There are no Speech Therapists where we live”

“If you have mobility problems you can have therapy in your home”.

“We didn’t need a referral from school or the doctor”

“There was no waiting time”

Parents of child living in the Middle East
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